Project Safety

Projects, such as transgenic projects, require preapproval by the Safety and Ethics Committee of the BRSTF in conjunction with the YSC Ethics Committee.  If you are unsure about the status of a student's project, please feel free to contact John Twelves at

Below are a list of guidelines and regulations pertaining to projects.

Projects using Humans

Animal Projects:

Chemical use

  • Be aware of warning labels on chemicals (explosive, caustic, poisonous, flammable).  Do not use any of these products without careful supervision.  Please do not bring  products with warning labels  to the fair.
  • Use of Pesticides section 4.5 BRSTF policy 

Plants, Molds and soils

  • Take pictures of results and procedure to demonstrate your work.
  •  Do not bring molds, as part of your display, to the fair.

Fire Safety

  • No open flame permitted in display hall area.
  • No flammable projects (lighters, matches, gasoline etc) are permitted at the fair.

Electrical and Laser Projects

  • Only sealed type batteries are to be used.
  • Apparatus such as Van de Graff generator, spark gap etc. are non-operational.
  • All projects that are exploring or using electricity must be safe insuring wires are insulated.
  • A project using lasers must be preapproved by the safety committee of the regional science fair.  Please contact John Twelves at
  • Laser projects must be carried out under the supervision of a person who is legally qualified to ensure the safety of the student and the public.  Lasers, even laser pointers, are not allowed at the regional science fair

Firearms Projects and Explosives

  • Firearms projects, including potato guns, require the approval of the chair of the regional science fair committee before they may begin. Please contact John Twelves :
  • Any project involving explosives must have prior approval of the safety committee of the regional science fair.
  • Section 4.2 Firearms safety