Annual B.R.S.T.F. Logo Contest

Design a logo for 2021

The winning logo is used to make the BRSTF pin and the designer receives  a special certificate, a framed version of their work and $50


  1. The name and year of the fair: Bluewater Regional Science and Technology Fair 2020

  2. Creative Spirit… use of shape, colour and contrast

  3. Effective Elements of design.

  4. “Pinability”-a design that is clear and legible when reduced to a 3 cm pin.

  5. Appropriate Theme (science, technology, discover, nature)

  6. Representation of major sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy)

          Artwork should be no smaller than 5” x 7” or bigger than 8” x 11

*******Check out past pin designs here…

**** Note: You must use Public Domain graphics if using computer generated images****

Art work must be the original design of the individual student

Entries: The contest is open to all students in Grey and Bruce Counties. Clearly print your full name, school and grade on the back bottom corner of your work. Send Entries to:

Deadline is June 20, 2020

BRSTF Logo Contest

c/o  Diane Wall,  

 Hillcrest Central School,

31 Hillcrest Street,

Teeswater,  Ontario  N0G 2S0