Science Project Guides

Ideas & Activities

There are a number of sites which have ideas for projects and activities designed for elementary and high-school students. Not all of these sites have to do with science fairs specifically, but they have ideas of things  you can experiment with at home or school.

YES I Can! Science

This site is aimed at teachers, to "provide [them] with the classroom resources and background material", some of the lessons and examples might get you thinking about ideas for a junior or intermediate project.

Science Buddies

Science Buddies is a non-profit organization focused on providing free science fair ideas, answers, and tools for students in grades K-12. 

Canadian Space Agency

Students Sections at the Canadian Space Agency.  1deas for space-related projects for students and teachers.

Science Fair Central  

A comprehensive site with, among other things, ideas for projects and links to other resources.

IPL2 For Kids

This site has lots of good links that you can use to help you get ideas and work on your project.

General Sites

The following sites are about science and education in general, but may help teachers and parents think about and emphasize the role of science and technology in a student's education.

 Let's Talk Science

"Each year, Let’s Talk Science mobilizes thousands of university and college students and science, engineering and technology professionals across Canada to visit elementary and high school classrooms, libraries, and community events to deliver fun, exciting hands-on science activities to children and youth.

Smarter Science

"Smarter Science is a framework for teaching and learning science in grades 1-12 and for developing the skills of inquiry, creativity and innovation in a meaningful and engaging manner.  Smarter Science is now part of Youth Science Canada’s framework for engaging youth in science and providing a curricular connection to project-based science and science fairs. With the support of the Province of Ontario, Youth Science Canada aims to collaborate with every school board in the province, providing a common framework for the teaching of the revised Science and Technology Curriculum, with its renewed emphasis on inquiry and technological problem solving."

Related Organizations for Young Scientists


The Student Mentorship Association Regarding Technology & Science (SMARTS) is a student run program within the Youth Science Canada (YSC) to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) opportunities among Grade 7-12 students.

Youth Science Canada

Youth Science Ontario

Canada Wide Science Fair

Other Links

These sites contain little content of their own, but have good lists of sites with ideas, guidelines and tools.