What to Expect from Judges

Each project will be judged by two judges at the fair.

Judges will be looking for

  • Originality - in the idea and the approach you have taken.
  • Accuracy - in the collection of information and your use of the process chosen.
  • Completeness - in doing your experiment, study or construction and understanding what has happened.
  • Results - ending up with knowledge that is relevant to the work and important to the researcher.

Take ownership of your project: know your project and practice your presentation. Here are some questions to think about:

  • What made you choose this topic?
  • What did you do and what  did you find out?
  • What went right, what went wrong and why?
  • What are the applications of your project?
  • What would you do to improve your project

Judging is done to the following standards

90 to 100 marks - Gold standard

80 to 89 marks - Silver standard

70 to 79 marks - Bronze standard

Summary of Judging Sheet

  • Process and scientific thinking: 45 marks
  • Student Interview: 20 marks              
  • Display:  20 marks
  • Log Book: 10 marks
  • Judges discretion:  5 marks

Download BRSTF judging forms