Backboard Design

Your backboard is one method to communicate your work to others.  For best use of space, the three panel display board, available from office supply stores, is the simplest system to use. Keep in mind that materials should be strong and light weight for handling.

  • Do not put everything on your display board.  Choose only the important information and results.  The rest of your project information needs to be in your log book.
  • Always have your log book on display.
  • Your board's maximum height is 1.5 meters from table top and maximum width is 1.2 meters and depth is 0.8 meters.

Think about:

  • Using colours that work well together.
  • Attractive, large lettering for the title.
  • Larger font size for the written part of your display so that it's easy to read.
  • Drawings, photographs, graphs, models can be used to illustrate your work.
  • Large items used in the project should be photographed to show others.
  • Molds and plants should also be photographed (see safety guidelines).
  • Hazardous chemicals and open flame are not permitted in displays.

Here are some examples of well-designed backboards from previous fairs. Click on the image for a larger view.

Here are some guidelines for arranging information onto your display. Your presentation should follow a logical order and information should be clearly organized.