Canada Wide Science Fair

Every year young scientists gather together at the Canada Wide Science Festival (CWSF) to share their innovations and ideas with others.  The fair location changes every year, allowing students to explore a new part of Canada. 

The Bluewater Science and Technology Fair sends six of the best students with their projects to the Canada Wide Festival.

Canada Wide Science Festival 2019 will take place in Fredericton, New Brunswick from May 11-18th

CWSF 2019 will bring Canada's top young scientists to Frederiction, New Brunswick and provide a unique opportunity to showcase Ottawa's culture, industry, research and educational facilities. The event will involve a variety of community organizations and individuals who will work together to make the national science fair experience memorable for participants.


Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Wind under my Airfoils|Larsson Jarvis|Holy Family School

Using Pi to Grow your Greens: An experiment in Greenhouse Productivity|Maisie Cottrill|Sullivan Community School

Go with the Glow 2.0: UV induced Florescence in Great Lakes Biota|Sophia Cottrill|Owen Sound District Secondary School

Analysis of Nutrient Trends and Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystems|Connor Maxwell|Sacred Heart High School

The Clubroot Epidemic|Zach Rogers and Griffon Thomas|Bruce Peninsula District Schoo

Team Bluewater 2017

Location:  Regina, Saskatchewan

Acha... What| Pearce Lacey|Holy Family School

Noise-torious|Nyanasoundari Lourdsamy| Holy Family School

Natural Remedies|Louisa Matheson| Huron Heights Public School

Music and Personality|Etienne Joulin| Huron Heights Public School

Hydrologic Analysis of Streamflow and Potential effects of Climate change| Conner Maxwell|Sacred Heart High School

How Music affects your Concentration|Julie Tichbourne|Georgian Bay Community School


Team Bluewater 2016

Location:  Montreal, Quebec

Synthetic Limpets' Teeth for Improved Joint Performance  | Katherine Teeter | Grey Highlands Secondary School
  • PLATINIUM  AWARD-Best Senior Project
  • The Manning Innovation Achievement Award-Senior
  • Challenge Award-Health-Senior
  • Excellence Award-Senior-Gold Medal       
  Farmland To Filtration Improving Water Quality |  Connor Maxwell | Holy Family School, Hanover
  • Excellence Award- Junior- Silver Medal      
   Evolution or Extinction? Time Will Tell for the King of the Arctic | Sophie Cottrill  |Sullivan Community School
  • Challenge Award-Environment-Junior
  • Excellence Award-Junior- Gold Medal       
    White-tailed Deer Movement And Feeding Patterns  |Nick Muegge | Holy Family School, Hanover
  Less Mass Run Fast | Spencer Whitehead | Holy Family School, Hanover
  • The Actuarial Foundation of Canada Award-Junior        
   Gyro-bot | Nathan Williams | Elgin Market Public School    

Team Bluewater 2015

Location:  Fredericton, New Brunswick

Results: 1 Gold Medal, 4 Silver Medals, an Excellence Award and a Manning Innovation Award.

SILVER MEDAL and Manning Innovation Award  Investir avec Hal/Invest with Hal  | Cenzic Eller |St. Dominique-Savio Ecole elmentaire catholique  

SILVER MEDAL and an Excellence Award  Extracorporeal Sonic Wave Therapy for Inoperable Tumours | Katherine Teeter |Grey Highlands Secondary School

SILVER MEDAL Concentrating on Neonicotinoids | Megan Thomson |Bruce Peninsula District School

  Saving the Planet, One Wetland at a Time | Connor Maxwell |Holy Family School

SILVER MEDAL Development of Latent 2-dimensional footwear Impressions; An improved Methodology | Kathleen Myatt |Sacred Heart High School

GOLD MEDAL Earthquakes: Improving Building Resiliency | Kyle Teeter | Macphail Memorial Elementary School

Team Bluewater 2014: Canada Wide

Results:  3 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medal

SILVER MEDAL     Storm Force Winds| Katherine Teeter| Grey Highlands Secondary School

BRONZE MEDAL  A World of Fractals|Brianna Boulus|Hanover Heights Community School

SILVER MEDAL     Spot On! How to Create an Appaloose Llama|Katie Schlosser|Holy Family

SILVER MEDAL     iScan|Katie Myatt|Immaculate Conception School

Maths=Cash|Cengiz Eller|St. Dominique-Savio Ecole Elmentaire Catholique

La  logique digitale| Didier Rousseau|St. Dominique-Savio Ecole Elmentaire Catholique

Team Bluewater 2013:  Canada Wide

Location:  Lethbridge, Alberta

Results: 1 Silver medal and 4 Bronze medals

  1. Storm Surge: The Catastrophic Wave Diminution System | Katherine Teeter, Grey Highlands Secondary School
  2. Birth Order Connection | Esther Boersma, Immaculate Conception Separate School
  3. Light My Fire | Kathleen Myatt, Immaculate Conception Separate School
  4. Reducing E.coli From The Inside Out | Josie Mielhausen, Bruce Peninsula District School
  5. Identité de Cengiz | Cengiz Eller, St-Dominique-Savio Ecole elmentaire catholique
  6. Anti Roll Over Car | Declan Mowle, Huron Heights Public School